Wrong Perceptions About 4G LTE Smartphone Technolgy

December 12, 2015

Smartphone : Wrong Perceptions About 4G LTE Smartphone Technolgy

Some perceptions of 4G LTE smartphone that one was not as bad as many people imagine especially for Indonesian peoples.

4G services with long term evolution (LTE) has been launched by telecommunications operators in Indonesia following the completion of the frequency refarming for 4G LTE conducted regulator with the operator.

There is a wrong perception about 4G. For example, if you use Internet 4G LTE smartphone need more internet data usage. That is not 4G more wasteful, this is a matter of habit. People who previously took three minutes to watch the video, but because of the faster 4G LTE he can watch up to two videos in this time frame.

Many people think 4G phone handheld more fairly expensive. Are now widely available 4G smartphone at an affordable price because it has touched the segment of high-end, middle-end and low-end.

Another said 4G smartphone have more wasteful disposable batteries, it is also wrong. It’s just a matter of habit. Usually only able to watch a video, if you use 4G LTE can be up to three videos as fast.

The mobile phone market has been ready to welcome 4G. 4G Smartphone from international brands at affordable prices already has a good enough quality when compared with the 4G mobile phones cheaper than local brands.The competition between local and foreign vendors so rapidly, in presenting the various smarthone 4G, shows the intense competition to dominate the share of mobile phones in Indonesia.

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