Traveling and Mingle with Koala

December 20, 2015

Australia : Traveling and Mingle with Koala

The sleeper, pinned the nickname was indeed suitable for koala, its cute animal gray. In one day, he could sleep 20 hours. Yes, the typical Australian animals this could be one of the most comfortable animals to cuddle and be picked up.

Well, for that is interested in doing so, you can be close to the koala while on vacation in Cape Otway, Australia. Kathy Sundstrom a tourist from Queensland said that at Cape Otway, koala allowed to cross the road first, before humans. However, not infrequently, there are koala interested, then crawl toward the visitors.

“We saw it cross the road, and we shared a few people stopped to let him cross, and then he just wanted to crawl into our bodies,” said Sundstrom reported by FoxNews.


She said, had seen the mother koala and her baby at their camp in Cape Otway National Park Blanket Bay. “Deciding roads to Cape Otway, made us have an interesting experience. We were amazed at the size and speed of these animals. First, we thought he was a dog,” she said.

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