The Natural Wonders of Brazilian River Water

December 24, 2015

Brazil : The Natural Wonders of Brazilian River Water

The name of the city of Manaus in Brazil, often escape the attention of the traveler. In fact it was there, there are natural wonders such as the confluence of two rivers the color is not fused. Only one brown and one black.

City of Manaus in northern Brazil have not been as popular as the Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. Manaus is the capital of Amazonas state, with its population reached 2 million. Manaus has natural wonders are only a few in the world.

Natural wonder is the confluence of two rivers that color is not unified, namely the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers. The Rio Negro is black in color, while the Amazon river brown. Thus, the river has two colors: black and brown.

And experts say the phenomenon is caused by differences in temperature, speed and density of water. Amazon River water cooler, dense, and more quickly meet the Rio Negro river water warmer and slower, thus forming a clear boundary. Water from the Amazon river thick with sand, while the water of the Rio Negro is black due to the deposition of plants in marshes.

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Interestingly, as the boundary separating the black and brown stretches along about 6 km downstream. From the boat, the color really looks striking and different. It’s Magical!

The locals, call the phenomenon by the name Encontro das Aguas means the meeting of two water. Some local tour operators such as Amazon Antonio Jungle Tours and Amazon Ecopark boat tour packages offer a close look at this phenomenon. The best time to get there, ie from January to July when the stream is being heavy-swift and striking color differences are very obvious.

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