How To Stream in Android Without Buffering

December 24, 2015

Android, Internet : How To Stream in Android Without Buffering

Watching TV easier since the internet continues to grow rapidly. Given the number of different smartphone platforms, the experience of watching TV using the internet even easier.

In addition to streaming via a computer, can now also stream directly via smartphone. This article will provide a way to stream TV on Android that running smoothly or without buffering.

The advantage of streaming on Android is that we could watch a favorite show directly via smartphone, without having to pass a conventional PC or TV. The weakness is the frequent buffering streaming for various reasons.

It sucks while watching TV or your favorite video and get buffering. So you have to know how to stream without buffering, so that can watch TV or video anytime and anywhere smoothly.

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Use Super Fast Internet Networks

The fact that the internet is very slow in some emerging countries like Indonesia. One way is by using the internet super fast like 4G LTE  technology. As for the use of super-fast Internet network, there are two things that you must consider. First, it must use a smartphone that supports LTE 4G network.  Second, you must use a special SIM card that has been supporting the 4G network, called the U-SIM. U-SIM you can get to buy a new card, or exchange it at the service center of the operator provider you use.

Clear Cache

Clear the cache will make Android faster when open your application. Too many  cache also makes the performance of Android you’re getting slowed. The cache will decreased  the Internet speed, because of the Internet also holds cache. Frequently clear the cache in your Android smartphone will get more speed performance and can smoothly stream without buffering.

Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox

Another way is to use add-ons at Mozilla Firefox. The main requirement of course the browser you used to be Mozilla Firefox. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and go to the add-ons. If so, search grease monkey. These are add-ons that you will use. If you are hard to find this, try the grease monkey on Google search, and download and install as usual.

Add-ons requires you to restart Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, make sure the other tabs you are ready to shut down temporarily. If Mozilla Firefox is back open, the new address bar, type the address of & nbsp; URL then enter to get into the YouTube script Enchancer. Click Install that exist on the right side of the page’s address.

Video Quality

There are many tools that can allow you to choose the size of the video. YT LQ for low quality and YT HQ for high quality video. You can choose low quality so that the buffering process faster, but if you are not satisfied, please only select high quality. In addition to low and * high quality, there is also a large selection based on pixel size. So, be conditioned by speed internet network in your area.

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