Ferrari Will Look Stunning On The Season 2015

February 11, 2015

Sport : Ferrari Will Look Stunning On The Season 2015

Daniel Ricciardo knew if Ferrari will look stunning on the season 2015. He claimed to be made was surprised with the performance of SF15-T is currently undergoing tests preseason in Jerez, Spain, some time ago.

Racers Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, controls three opener of a four-day test. The achievement is sweetened with Raikkonen the record top speed along the pre-season tests, while in the last days.

Although still do not know exactly what the program is done Ferrari during the test in Jerez, Ricciardo will measure the ability of the Scuderia on the test next in Barcelona. However, talk to map the power of next season, Mercedes still the strongest rivals of all the contestants.

“We are aware with what Mercedes did and lap times Ferrari do. It looks nice. We expect Mercedes to be honest, but Ferrari seems to be coming out with a strong enough, for now they look good. Still too early and Jerez is the place to try not to race. We never race in the condition of five or four degrees. The track is very rough there. They look nice, but what they will remain the same when the real race starts, Ricciardo said, as reported Richland F1, Wednesday (02/11/2015).

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