Coral Cliffs cluster Pucanglaban Tulungagung East Java Indonesia

December 24, 2015

Beach, Indonesia : Coral Cliffs cluster Pucanglaban Tulungagung East Java Indonesia

Kedung Tumpang Beach, Desa Pucanglaban, Kecamatan Pucanglaban Tulungagung East Java, is a beautiful beach resort.

Kedung Tumpang  is cluster cliffs stretching from the west side beach Blabak to the east side of the Glogok beach and there has no sand.

Kedung Tumpang not just a group of ordinary cliffs, but along the cliffs of the cluster there are several natural pools formed by erosion by the waves of the sea and the pools were very limpid sea water.

Throughout the journey along the path leading to the beach, there are several food seller that provide resting location. While resting, you can visit the beautiful beaches of height.

In addition, at the western end of Kedung Tumpang there are waterfalls are quite high but has a low water discharge. The right time to swim is when the sea was receding as if the sea conditions was high tide, then a big wave will hit hard the barrier reef and spilled into the natural pool.

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