Biography William Tanuwijaya Founder of Tokopedia

December 24, 2015

Biography : Biography William Tanuwijaya Founder of Tokopedia

Biography of William Tanuwijaya. He is known as the founder Tokopedia together with Leontinus Edison. William Tanuwijaya was born in the city Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra on 18 November 1981. He attended school up to the high school in his hometown, after graduating high school, he go to the capital of Jakarta to college. He enrolled in University Bina Nusantara (Binus) Jakarta. During college, he diligently looking for a second job to pay for college. When entering the second semester at college, later worked in the internet cafe from 9 hours to 9am.

After graduating from college is BINUS, he worked in an office engaged in computer software development. But over time began to think of an idea in his mind to establish his own company. Where his dream is to have his own Internet company. Then in 2007, from the idea he then began to build Tokopedia. William Tanuwijaya Tokopedia idea came about when he became moderator of the forum have facilities Kafegaul online buying and selling, until he then started from it to create a new startup that later he called with Tokopedia.

He invites his friend named Leontinus Edison to establish Tokopedia a startup business of ecommerce that connects buyers and sellers throughout Indonesia with free charge. To build such Tokopedia, William Tanuwijaya requires substantial capital to the idea, the situation became more difficult when his father was verdict to cancer so he earn a living for the family. The idea need funding or capital to expand its business. Learn from Google and Facebook was established through funding for startups through venture company.

William Tanuwijaya then approached one by one person he knew to capitalize on the idea. From the boss at work to acquaintances of friends of his boss. Tokopedia is online marketplace or e-commerce meeting place for sellers and buyers from all over Indonesia, where people can selling their products throughout Indonesia. Tokopedia also become intermediaries selling online safe for its users. The idea should solve online marketplace problems in Indonesia.

For two years, he worked hard constantly looking for investors to finance to implement his idea. Many investors are asking and challenge William Tanuwijaya experience in business. Many also assume that the dream is too high. This is where the capital of the trust he thought it was very important because it is very difficult according to earn the trust of others especially to start the business. All he did from zero to build the business.

Until precisely in February 6, 2009, Tokopedia owned by William Tanuwijaya officially established on the Indonesia’s independence day celebration on August 17, 2009, Tokopedia officially released to the public after an injection of cash from the investor.

Tokopedia continue to receive funding from year to year from investors given the development is very good, like, East Ventures in 2010, CyberAgent Venture in 2011, Beenos in 2012 and Softbank in 2013.

Tokopedia continuous growing and at the end of 2014, Tokopedia win funding for a capital of 100 million dollars from Softbank Internet which also funding Alibaba, Sequoia Capital, Google and Apple and Instagram. William Tanuwijaya then now become the CEO Tokopedia and Leontinus Edison became COO Tokopedia.

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