Asus X550ZE Cheap Laptops for Gaming

August 20, 2015

Laptops : Asus X550ZE Cheap Laptops for Gaming

A laptop with a versatile high specification may be a dream for everyone. But usually the notebook with high specification mostly priced at a very high price. For those who have the money, is not a big issue pocket to buy a notebook with a high specification device that is suitable for heavy game play. But what for those who do not have money? Of course this has to be daunting for middle-class consumers to choose a notebook device with specifications that meet the needs but with a relatively affordable price.

Asus seems to provide a solution for consumers who have less money, but want a notebook device with a high specification. Of course this will add a new family of notebooks asus targeting mid-level consumers. For Rates are priced, Asus X550ZE marketed at a price of 7 million. The price is not cheap, but when compared to a notebook that has a heavy gaming specifications, Asus X550ZE have a much cheaper price. For everyday activities X550ZE not meet any significant constraint, and a more attractive Asus X550ZE able to play games with the level of graphics are quite heavy as Thomb Rider.



Review of the display, Asus X550ZE has a 15.6-inch wide screen with a WXGA resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. X550ZE carried screen size is quite large when compared to the laptop screen to everyday users in general, but if for gaming or for menton this film is as an added value. No wonder if Asus X550ZE has a body size that is quite large because it brings a wide screen.

But for Asus X550ZE thickness has a fairly slim body, namely 2:51 cm and weighs 2.26 kg weighing already included 4 cell battery weight. Asus X550ZE have a complete connector call audio jacks, Mini D-sub, two USB 3.0 ports, a LAN port and an HDMI port are located on the left side, while on the right side, there is a USB port and an optical drive. On the front there is only a card reader slot that is located quite hidden.



The next view on hardware, Asus X550ZE has two different variants. The first use of AMD FX-7600P with Kaveri architecture. It has four-core processor with a clock speed 2,7GHz could even rise again to 3.6 GHz when Turbo features bost in an active state. While the second variant is a variant with a cheaper price, of course, with lower hardware that uses AMD A10-7400P. This processor has a clock speed of 2.5 GHz and the current turbo boost feature is activated will increase up to 3.4 GHz.



On the hardware graphics processor, Asus X550ZE have a combination of two graphics that AMD APU M230 R5 and R7 AMD GPU with the base M270DX. With the combination of graphics processing hardware was certainly produced quite stunning graphics for playing games or watching movies. Even for gaming heavyweights such as GTA V, this notebook is sufficient to provide graphical results are quite charming.

Shifted to the capacity of memory, Asus X550ZE has a capacity of 4GB RAM and the notebook has additional RAM slot that can be expanded up to 16GB. And internal storage space X550ZE Asus has 500GB hard drive. In terms of connectivity the Asus X550ZE have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.0. Asus X550ZE has a 4 cell battery and Asus hardware warranty for 2 years. Operating systems that run Asus X550ZE using Windows OS 8.1. Asus X550ZE is suitable for those who want a daily notebook that can meet the needs of multimedia and gaming heavy but has a price tag that is relatively inexpensive.

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