Apple Recruited 800 employs to assemble the iPhone 6s Camera

December 24, 2015

Apple, iPhone : Apple Recruited 800 employs to assemble the iPhone 6s Camera

Smartphone made by Apple, the iPhone, is better known as one of the brave smartphones sold at a price high enough. However, Apple has a logical reason behind the exorbitant prices for their device.

If talk about the specifications and components, the iPhone is dominating all sectors. Especially about the camera, the latest series of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that able to bring a camera with 4K resolution display features. Not surprisingly, the latest series of iPhone is indeed set a price comparable through the features offered.

According to what reported by Tech Insider, Monday (12/21/2015), a company based in Cupertino is working hard to assemble the iPhone camera 6s and 6s become one of best the cameras in the smartphone class. In fact, Apple is reportedly recruited 800 employees to assemble the components of the iPhone camera 6s and 6s Plus.

Graham Townsend, Senior Director, Camera Hardware Apple revealed that the iPhone camera assembly 6s and 6s Plus requires 200 small parts in order to produce a sharp image with super high resolution.

Townsend revealed, to take one image, the iPhone camera requires at least 24 billion times the work in order to create a clear image quality. Therefore, it is clear that the iPhone camera requires a component that is ‘not kidding’.

The man who had worked at Apple since 2011 is also said that there is a most important component in the iPhone’s camera, four fine wires as thin as a human hair that is capable of creating microsuspension of the camera components in order to create a stable and steady image.

“This component (four fine wires) that can lift all of the operating components of the iPhone camera into a single, and create an image that is so remarkable.”

In addition to assembling the camera from hundreds of micro components, the team leader Camera Hardware Townsend also examine how the iPhone camera works in some situations with different lighting.

“Our engineers had to calibrate the camera several times to test the lighting and color levels generated test. All it took for the sake of the iPhone camera quality is better,” he said.

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